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Circuit problem, need help?

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    circuit problem, plz need help??

    I am going to be so pleased if somebody helped me with the problem in the attached file
    best wishes :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :confused: :confused:
    here is my solution but i do not know where the mistake is
    solution number 1

    V of 20k = vo of 10 = 4Ix
    Using eq 1…..4-ix-4Ix/10=0
    = 2.86ma
    Vo=4*2.86 = 11.4v

    Solution number 2

    Combing 10 kohm and 10 kohm = 20 since they are in series
    Voltage of 20 kohm the resultant is = 4000Ix
    4000Ix/20 = I of 20 kohm……200Ix = I of 20 kohm
    4mA-Ix –Iof vo = 0
    4ma-Ix – 4000Ix/10
    4ma-Ix – 400Ix = 0
    4ma -401Ix =0
    4ma = 401 Ix
    4ma/401 = Ix
    Ix= 0.00998mA
    Vo = Io of vo * 10 kohm
    4mA-0.00998-Io of vo = 0
    Io of vo = 3. 99 ma
    Vo = 3.99* 10 = 39 .9V
    which solution is correct and if thre is amistake where is it

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    please post what you've tried for this problem.

    I'm moving the thread to homework help.
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    Too late, I gave her an answer in the General Physics forum. She posted it there too.
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