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Circuit problems

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    I have this circuit (see attached file) and I'm trying to find the voltage between the two red points. I really don't know where to start.. could anyone help me out and get me started ?

    Thanks alot !
    - Edgar

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    Find the currents through all the branches.
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    Simplify the circuit first if possible, like look at R5 and R6 and think about ways to simplify the combination of them that won't affect the voltages that you are trying to calculate.

    Then just write a set of simultaneous equations that express how the currents flow through the different legs of the circuit, and solve for the two node voltages marked in red. Like, label the circuit with I1 going from the + (right) of the power supply, through the leg with R3, R4, R1. Label I2 as the current through the circuit leg through R2, R(combo), R7, R1. Then write equations for each node in the circuit, with the sum of all currents entering a node = 0. Solve away...
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    Reply to berkeman

    thanks for your help, but that doesn't help much, you really didn't go in depth at all. i need more information
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    yea... and? need more info!
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    Edgar, I did it in grade 10 in Yugoslavia some time ago and I still remember it a bit; you have to simplify it=combine those rezistors; example from 4 make 2, from 2 make 1 etc. To that you should google parallel and series circuits and you will be surprised how simple and interesting it is. Very simple. But, you have to do a bit of reading. Good luck.
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    Edgar White do you know of any DC network analysis techniques? For example using Mesh Analysis. This method involves solving a system of equations (simultaneous equations) which I'm sure you can solve right?

    It seems that your problem is not knowing the methods involved in circuit analysis. I'll give you a very good link to tutorial on some DC network analysis techniques. I do encourage you to read each of the discussed techniques and apply the one that (most easily) fits this situation.

    http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/DC/DC_10.html [Broken]

    http://www.ibiblio.org/obp/electricCircuits/DC/DC_7.html [Broken]
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    Hi Edgar White :

    to find the voltage between the red points, use Thevinin's technique; by finding first the (Rth), then I short-circuit..
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    Hi Edgar White :
    to find the voltage between the red points, use Thevinin's technique; by finding first the (Rth), then I short-circuit..
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