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Homework Help: Circuit Realization of XOR function

  1. Dec 13, 2016 #1
    Hey people, my first post here.
    I have a Logic Design exam coming up on Friday and I am looking through some past
    exam papers. I came across a problem with a circuit realization as stated below.

    #start question
    Develop a circuit realization of the XOR function with three inputs. You may use AND, OR and NOT-gates with not more than two inputs.

    Either draw the circuit or (for simplicity) write down the exact equivelant Boolean Expression with correctly positioned parenthesis
    #end question

    (A xor B xor C) is what I am seeing from this.
    And since we can apparently make any gate with just AND, OR, NOT-gates. Then Demorgans law should work on this right? I just seem to be having trouble with it. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could lay out the steps needed to solve this problem.

    Thank you!
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