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Circuit Schematic

  1. Oct 24, 2007 #1
    I've currently got an assignment for a basic physics class. The job to be done is that I need to create a simple circuit that holds some use in society. It doesn't need to be too complicated but I've been stuck on finding a decent website that I could get a circuit schematic/build instructions from.

    Some examples of the simplicity of the design needed would be:

    - Amplifier
    - A simple hand eye coordinated game (Move a metal pole through a long wire without it touching otherwise an alarm is set off)

    These are just 2 examples of what other people are doing.

    If anyone can find a website that shows how to make these simple circuits, including items needed and instructions on making I will be incredibly grateful.
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    Well, I cannot think of a website off of the top of my head (besides good ol' wikipedia), but I have an idea for the project. You could hook up numerous batteries of rising voltage in parallel with a lightbulb, and a metal piece that slides inbetween wires that connect the batteries to the light, so when it slides past, it connects a stronger battery to the light. Then, at the bottom of the metal piece put a spring for force resistance.

    What this will do is the further the metal piece slides into the batteries, the brighter the light gets. Basically a scale or force meter.
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    You can find tons of circuit schematics here:

    If you have a specific question about a particular schematic or some general theory, post back in the electrical engineering forum.
    You have posted what others are doing, but what are some of your thoughts?
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    this will be a nice design for your project with this design you will kill them all
    http://hades.mech.northwestern.edu/wiki/index.php/Image:555_pinout.jpg [Broken]
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