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Circuit simulation in Linux

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    Does someone have successful experience working with GNU/open source circuit simulation tools in Linux? I tried gEDA, but it did not work well for me.

    If you've been successful in using such software, please write back with detailed experiences here. I use Microcap for my undergraduate circuits laboratory, and thats the only reason why I have to stick to Windows (I am a die hard Linux user otherwise). I was hoping to be able to use some equivalent of Microcap in Linux...

    (Worst case: I'll use WINE :tongue2:)

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    That would be a good idea, my friend had one of those really small acer laptops which came with linux on it. It also had a free circuit simulator on it. I'll ask him what its called and get back to you.
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    Fedora repos had gnucap, gspice & ngspice , irsim, Ktechlab, qucs --- which is pretty much what know of them.
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