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Circuit simulation software

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    I'm looking for some options for good circuit simulation and design software (for electrical systems and electronics). We use OrCad (PSpice) at school, but I find it very messy. Is there a program that is both easy (and logical) to use, yet powerful and flexible? Any suggestions and recommendations is appreciated :smile:

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    You should really invest the time in learning to use pspice. OrCAD is a fine version of it. Virtually all electronics industries use it, so if you plan on working in engineering, you're going to eventually have to learn to use it anyway. Go ahead and learn to use it now, when you're not under the gun.

    - Warren
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    The one I use the most is Multisim. It's pretty easy to learn, but I haven't had much experience with other programs so I don't know how it compares.
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    I use Protel at campus though it is not user friendly at all. Once you learn it though - then you're fine. For my simulatio projects this year, I've been using Tina which is really quite a basic program but extremely brilliant for quick circuit diagrams. It's especially useful for logic circuits. My friends also use Circuit Maker - apparently its quite an easy program.

    I agree with chroot though - learn a PSpice program - it'll be worth it in the end.
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