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Circuit Simulation Software

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    Hi I am working on a project at the moment and I was wondering if there is any circuit simulator that includes the PIC 18F4550 microcontroller. I currently use Crocodile Technology and I have tried editing the code to get the chip to just appear (I don't need it to do anything just sit there so I can wire around it) but it just crashes. So I am wondering if there is any software out there that has the chip in it. Also I want it to appear as it does in the datasheet i.e all 40 pins instead of just the i/o pins
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    Why would you put a chip in a simulator, if the chip is not going to do anything in the simulation?

    I don't understand what you mean by "wire around it"?
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    Just so I can see what parts I need and how I would wire it. If it could simulate that would be brilliant but the bare minimal is to be able to be put into a circuit.
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    Does your simulator have blank ICs that are just rectangles with numbered pins?
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    It does but nowhere near the amount of pins on the PIC 18F4550
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    If you are not actually going to simulate it, why not just use the schematic capture part of some PCB layout software ?
    I am pretty sure you can find symbols for PICs in say Eagle or DesignSpark (free versions available).
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    Thanks f95toli DesignSpark works out, thanks for the help :)
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