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Circuitry and voltage help

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    I want to modify a circuit by adding a stronger drive motor.

    The circuit is a PCB receiver which is attached to two motors, one which steers a car, one which drives a car.

    The previous drive motor needed 2 x 1.5v batteries.
    The new drive motor needs a 12V lead acid battery.
    This means that 9 more volts will run through the circuit

    Here is a block diagram:
    explanation diagram.jpg

    Here is the annotated schematic:

    I have more information about resistances if there is a need for it.

    I am unsure of if the components will still work with such an increase in voltage. So it would be good if someone could advise.
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    The first problem is that your annotation of steering and drive motor on the schematic is reversed.
    The other is that substituting a 12v battery will burn this circuit up.
    Some of the components could be reused but major changes are required.
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    I knew the 12v battery would kill the circuit. Since im no good at making circuits ill just stick to using the slow 3v motor.
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