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Homework Help: Circuits, Algebra Help Please

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    Please look at the attached Microsoft word document because I don't know how to write out everything in this template. I need help with algebra, thanks!

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    What is the What?

    What is the question you are trying to answer?
    (The zeroth step in answering a question.)


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    When you were trying to multply through in the common denominator step,
    -132E-33I3(330R) - 20I3(200R) -20E = I3
    it looks like you are multplying twice? :confused: I don't understand what you are doing there. Also, your denominator isn't correct, what does R*R give you? Be very careful with your signs.

    It would help to see the entire problem, especially since I didn't get the same answer as your instructor. Maybe you haven't set up the equation properly?
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