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Circuits: Analog vs. Digital

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    I need to decide whether to take analog circuits of digital circuits. I can always take the other one later. But for now, it's a tough call. I am very into computing and its applications, and I love logic; it seems like digital is the way to go for that stuff. However, I am also very interested in building analog systems and having hands-on, practical skills. Does anyone have any advice? I am doing my own research, but I want a better picture of where the line is drawn between the two subjects, and how each is unique and what each is suited for.
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    Wow! That's a toughie! I have very little hands-on experience with digital circuits, but I love analog circuits, repairing old tube amps, troubleshooting, and even building a couple of clones of old Fender amps. Never had any formal training in that kind of work, but it helped keep me in pocket money all through college. Even by 1970, it was getting tougher and more expensive to repair those old guitar amps, so I was able to pick them up really cheap.

    If it were up to me to choose, I'd choose analog circuits in a heartbeat. They seem quite intuitive. Digital circuits, less so, since a lot of functionality is implemented on ICs.

    You can get much better advice from some of the electronics buffs on this forum, but I thought I'd jump in. Analog then digital would seem like a fair progression, mirroring the historical development of electronics. Good luck, whatever you choose.
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    analogue tends to imply continuous signals (eg, sinusoids), while digital usually means discrete signal processing (1's and 0's).

    If you main interest is computing and logic then digital appears to be the most obvious choice. But it is a good idea to be familiar with analogue so I guess if it is possible, do digital, then do analogue before moving on to more digital and see at that stage which you actually prefer.

    edit: or just listen to turbo, most courses teach analogue before digital because that's how the concepts developed chronologically.
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