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Circuits and matrices

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    HI, I'm doing a project on applications of linear algebra to circuits. So far I've found how to use matrices to find loop currents and nodal voltages. I'm having a hard time finding more applications, as I have little knowledge of circuits and I haven't taken differential equations yet. Are there any other basic applications that I can apply matrix mathematics to? Any help is appreciated.
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    Loop up Z, Y, ABCD, S, and hybrid networks. All are modeled using matrices. The neatest part is you can multiply or add matrices by combining different circuit subsections.
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    Thanks for the reply. I looked up your suggested topic and it should give me plenty to discuss in my paper. It actually help to explain one of the problems in my text. I really appreciate the help, thank you :smile:
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    Since you have not taken differential equations this will be of no help, but a nth order scalar differential equation can be rewritten as a first order matrix differential equation.
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