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Circuits Help!

  1. Sep 9, 2008 #1
    Ok So how do i find the current going through here. I understand the whole tope a node, and bottom is. How would i set it up using KCL. I struggle with the problems were current is just given no voltage. Can someone please help

    If its hard to see picture the 6A is to far left then going to the right its 2olhms and i/4 and 8olhms.

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    First of all the circuit you posted is a pile of **** and you dont deserve help, but ill try anyway:smile:.If you sum all the currents LEAVING the top node you get:-6+i+(i/4)+i^8=0..i labled i^8 as the current leaving the top node entering the 8ohm resistor.Using ohms law i=v/r, the kcl sum is then -6+(v/2)+(2v)+(v/8)=0 solving for v, v=16/7 now we can find i using i=(v/2)=(16/7)/(2)=8/7 ohms, so the dependant current source is i/4 would be (8/7)/(4)=2/7 amps
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    I really can't make out what you're supposed to find. i/4 is clearly a current dependent current source, but which branch has i current flowing? The second one?
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    Hi th3plan! :smile:

    I also can't understand the diagram.

    Where is the battery?

    What is that square thing?

    What is i? :confused:

    Can you type out the question for us? :smile:
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