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Homework Help: Circuits - pictures

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    Hi, I am looking for pictures (photos) which show how basic parallel and series circuits are set up. I have done a quick search on google but I haven't been able to find what I need. Any help would be really good thanks.

    Note: I am not looking for the schematic (circuit) diagrams which are normally found in physics textbooks.
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    I googled prototype resistor circuit photograph, and got lots of hits that should give you what you want. This one has both schematic and pictures of the final hand-built circuit. Is that what you were looking for?

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    Thanks for the help.
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    So you want photos of printed circuit boards with series and parallel circuits on them?

    That's not going to be terribly useful, because one of the advantages of printed circuit boards -- those with two or more layers, anyway -- is that they permit topologies that are decidedly non-planar.

    The other advantage is that PCBs allow you to pack the components into the smallest board area, regardless of their interconnection. Only very rarely will you see the traces on a professional PCB resemble the wires on a schematic. In other words, you could design a PCB which looks exactly like a schematic, but it would be, in general, a terrible waste of board space.

    In general, even experienced electrical engineers cannot look at the traces on the surface of a PCB and determine, without a doubt, how the components are interconnected.

    - Warren
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    In addition to Chroots comments I must add that you rarely, if ever, find a circuit employing the textbook schematic of a resistor network. If it can be reduced to a single resistance then that is what will be there, a single resistor, not a network.

    The textbook circuits are for teaching principles, not practical applications. The principles of parallel and series are ever present but rarely appear as straight forward as the textbook example.
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    Hi, I should have made my situation more clear. I'm not looking for 'high-end' stuff. I'm after pictures/photos of basic circuits that are normally encountered in a highschool physics or introductory physics lab. The set up basically consists of a power source, a couple of wires, maybe some lightbulbs and some circuit boards which you 'plug' the wires into. For one reason or another, I've never really learnt how to even set up a basic parallel or series circuit before so that's why I'm after some pictures.
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