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Homework Help: Circular acceleration

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    I'm sorry guys... i'm stuck again...
    An automobile whose speed is increasing at a rate of 0.600 m/s2 travels along a circular road of radius 20.0 m. When the instantaneous speed of the automobile is 3.00 m/s, find the tangential acceleration component.

    ... i know that the tangential acceleration = radius (angular acceleration) , but i am having trouble understanding the actual computation of tangential acceleration. i picked up a couple of books, and i'm still pretty lost.
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    hi there...

    im new to this site.. sorry i cant help you w/ that problem... maybe you can help me with a simple question i have?
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    Centripetal acceleration does not affect speed (it changes the direction of velocity).
    I'd say the tangental acceleration is 0,6 m/s^2.

    If 0,6 m/s^2 was, however, meant as the total acceleration:
    If the instantaneous velocity at the given instant t is 3,00 m/s, what is the centripetal acceleration needed to keep the object on its circular orbit of 20m radius?
    Tangental and centripetal acceleration are perpendicular. The given total acceleration is the hypotenuse.
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