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Circular motion and SHM

  1. Jan 29, 2012 #1
    how does it make sense that in SHM the acceleration of a pendulum is 0 when it pases through its eqm point?
    surely as SHM is v. similar to circular motion (in terms of the maths) acceleration is constant?

    also, how can the force be MAX at eqm point?
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    Acceleration of the point on the circle is constant.....towards the centre of the circle.
    The point that is executing SHM is the projection of the point onto a diameter.
    Effectively you need to look at the circle 'edge on' to see the SHM.
    By similar reasoning the velocity is a maximum in SHM at the equilibrium position and is zero at the maximum displacement (amplitude)
    The Force is maximum at the maximum displacement (F is proportional to displacement)
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