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Homework Help: Circular motion curve direction

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    supposing there was a circular piece of tubing that was cut in half, we name the 2 ends A and B. Then into the end A we put in an object and launch it at high speeds. Now my question is, when the object exits from B will it travel in a st. line or will it curve?..if it does curve, will it be in the direction of A?
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    You can look at this as an exercise into the Law of Inertia. When the ball leaves B (ignoring the force of gravity) the ball will continue in motion in a straight line because there is nothing to keep it from doing so. (If we are doing this on the Earth, then yes the ball travels in a parabola, just like any other projectile.)

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    Right. Please do not assume that "curving" the path of a moving projectile prior to release somehow imparts any tendency for the released projectile to continue curving.
    There are notable exceptions, such as "curve ball" in baseball, but a curve ball works due to an entirely different interaction than the one you are describing.
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