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Circular Motion Eqns

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    I'm curious, are there any known equations relating the period of a rotating object to the radius of rotation (presumably while under a constant applied force)

    What about any relating the applied force to the period?
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    there is a centripetal acceleration (the acceleration an object while it is moving in a circle, towards the center of the circle)
    [tex] a_{c} = \frac{v^2}{r} [/tex]
    the velocity is distance (circumference of the circle) and the time is the period of one rotation
    [tex] v = \frac{2 \pi r}{T} [/tex]
    then [tex] a_[c} = \frac{4 \pi^2 r}{T^2} [/tex]

    multiply acceration by force and taht gives the force period relation
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    multiply acceration by mass and taht gives the force period relation.

    Good analysis stunner !
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    WELL im no expert in this field... one can attest to that
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    And what about the rigid rotators ?

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    The given treatment only applies to point particles, not massive rotating objects (ie rigid rotators like a spinning sphere or rod)

    :biggrin: Nope, he's not a scientist, he is a far greater genius. You certainly know him.

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    Mozart I believe.
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