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Homework Help: Circular motion + free fall

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    I have this question on my Circular motion assignment, but its somehow connected to free fall. I'm unable to picturize the situation mentioned in question...

    A 3.35 kg block is attached to a string that is wrapped around a 1.22 kg, 5.03 cm diameter hollow cylinder that is free to rotate on an axel through the center. The block is released 1.11 m above the ground. What is the speed of the block as it hits the ground?
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    Doc Al

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    As the block falls what happens to the cylinder? What's conserved?

    (The block is not in free fall--it's connected by the string to the cylinder.)
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    The energy will be conserved. The gravitational potential energy of the block gets converted into tranlational kinetic energy of the block and rotational kinetic energy of the cylinder. I got the answer... Thanks a lot Doc Al !
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