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Homework Help: Circular Motion of a bead

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    A small bead with a mass of 100grams slides along a semicircular wire with a radius of 10 centimeters that rotates about a vertical axis at a rate of 2 revolutions per second.Find the value of angle p for which the bead will remain stationary with respect to rotating wire.

    Any idea on this?
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    The whole problem is to find the angle which the line joining the bead and the centre of the semicircle makes with the horizontal.
    The solution is to solve a resulting equation either for [tex]\theta[/tex] or for r. Consider vertical equilibrium first to deduce the vertical component of the normal force. Then, consider the horizontal forces and acceleration at a given time to solve for [tex]\theta[/tex]. Remember that you can express r in terms of [tex]R_{Circ}[/tex] and [tex]\theta[/tex].
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