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Homework Help: Circular motion question

  1. Jan 30, 2006 #1


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    doing a lab report on circular motion and was asked to make a combined proportionality statement, just asking yes or no, is this right?

    [tex]F_c \propto f^{2} \propto a_c \propto \frac{1}{m} \propto r [/tex]

    where "F_c" is the centripetal force,
    "f" is frequency in Hz,
    "a_c" is the centripetal acceleration,
    "m" is the mass in circular motion,
    and "r" is the radius of the circumference of motion

    is that right? does the order matter?

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    What were the graphs that you draw (and found a directly proportional relationship)? How did you measure [itex]a_c[/itex] as a matter of interest?
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    nvrm, the it is [tex]F \propto f^2mr[/tex]

    thanks tho
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