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Circular Motion Question

  1. Feb 12, 2006 #1
    Hi, I've recently done a lab where we are investigating circular motion. I've plotted a graph of Period vs. Radius, but I'm unable to tell if a straight line or some sort of curve would be better suited to the graph.

    I've also plotted log-Period vs. log-Radius and it was a straight line which makes me think that the graph of T vs. R should be a curve, but when I look at my (possibly very flawed) data points a straight line seems better suited.

    In short, my question is, is the graph of Period vs. Radius for uniform circular motion a straight line or a curve?

    Edit: Forgot to mention this is the ol' rubber stopper on the end of a string and your swinging the whole thing around by holding onto a glass tube, with the weight being on the other end of the string)
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    HINT: Given that the centripetal force is the same in all cases, what is the relationship between T and R?
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    I wish I knew.
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    What would you conclude if [itex]\omega^2 r[/itex] is a constant?
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    We havn't been told any equations so I have no idea what that means
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    I'm fairly sure that if the experiment went according to theory, the graph would be a straight line.

    I'm saying this because we did a lab like this, and all of our graphs were supposed to be straight lines to show a direct relationship.
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