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Circular motion

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    a bucket of water is tied to a string and spun in a circle, why don’t the water spill out?can somebody help me explain detailly?

    thx a lot
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    If the bucket is going fast enough, the water will stay in a circle. What equations do you know?
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    Try thinking about the forces acting on the water (and the bucket) while the bucket is at the top and bottom of the circle. Draw a free body diagram or two, it should help you out a bit.

    Hope that helps,
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    Hi, i just thought i would add a question to this, its not for my homework, but more for my own knowledge

    how can you explain why the water stays in the bucket without using the centrifugal force? i understand the centripetal force pulling inwards, the gravitational force downwards, there is some tension on the rope, but i just need the final bit...?
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