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Homework Help: Circular motion

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    An object of mass "m" is whirled with increasing speed in a horizontal circle. if the string breaks with v0 determine the tension in the string just before the string breaks using the terms m,r(radius of circle), v0, and g.
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    This really belongs in the homework section. Also, you have to try to work it out yourself and tell us where you're having trouble. Show us what you've done so far.
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    f=mv^2/r awwww coeme onnn! You know this!!
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    the answer is: T=[(Mg)^2 +((M(v)^2)/R)^2]^(1/2) but i cant get it
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    first think about why does the string breake?
    then try to answer when does the string breake
    think about the centripetal force and the tension just before the string breaks
    try to do something with these two
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