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Homework Help: Circular motion

  1. Feb 6, 2010 #1
    could some one please explain where i am wrong?

    A mass M of 5.80E-1 kg slides inside a hoop of radius R=1.50 m with negligible friction. When M is at the top, it has a speed of 4.43 m/s. Calculate the size of the force with which the M pushes on the hoop when M is at an angle of 46.0°.

    i guess what i need to find is the difference between the perpendicular to the hoop component of mg and the centr. force. the centr. force needs the v in that point
    which i can find using energy conservation.
    i get the wrong answer. i think i am not wrong calculating. maybe what i am asked is not
    what i end up calculating

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  3. Feb 6, 2010 #2
    I do not see a problem with your solution here. Showing the calculations helps to help you.
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