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Circular Motion

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    we recently did an experiment where we spun a stopper which was connected to a string and held stoppers on the other end of the string. we then found the centripital force and period of revolution.

    using that data we plotted a graph which resulted in a parabolic graph. my question is that i need to manipulate that data so the graph becomes linear.

    ive tried plotting F vs T^2 and things like F vs 1/T. The only restriction is that the graph has to be Applied Force vs Period.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Well, have you tried working out a formula the centripetal force as a function of period? Do you have a formula for centripetal force? What is it related to?

    You can even work out the answer by dimensional analysis ... if you have a force, which has units of kilogram-meters per seconds-squared, how must that depend on time?
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    Fc = ma = mv^2/R

    v = 2 * pi * f = 2pi*T^-1

    Fc = 4pi^2 * m/RT
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