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Circular Racetrack Problems Involving Radians

  1. Oct 17, 2004 #1
    I'm being newly introduced to Radians. We touched on it last year in Math, but not long enough for me to soak any of it. I can't even begin to answer half of the problems in my textbook because I don't know how to get the radian measurement, or how to get the angular measurement when I need it. Here's an example of a problem that is just killing me.

    In Europe, a large circular walking track with a diameter of 0.900 km is marked in angular distances in radians. An American tourist who walks 3.00 mi daily goes to the track. How many radians should he walk per day to maintain his daily routine?
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    There are 2*Pi radians in a full circle. That should get you started. You really need to try not to get into the habit of trying to convert from degrees into radians, just try your best to get used to using radians in this kind of problem, it will come in very handy later! Good luck...
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