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Homework Help: Circumcenter poi (triangle) - confuced

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    im having some problems with my homework, I basically know what things to do, but not really how to apply them. Were doing things like circumcenter, poi, medians, etc of a triangle.


    The first questions states:

    You decide to put a distress beacon on a buoy inside the trainge that is equidistant from all 3 vertices of the triangle to warn incoming ships. Your assistant has calculated (2,3) as the approriate point. Verify whether or not this is the correct point to place the beacon. Why would you want the beacon to be equidistant from all three verities?

    -I know for this problem i would use circumcenter to solve, tried so many things and my answers were, (4,3) for AB and AC, and (3.5, 4.5) for BA and BC, i dont know if their right im so confused.


    You've located Polly! She was carried out to sea on a small boat and was picked up by a rescue plane at the coordinates (8,5). if the plane is going to fly straight to Skwaera will it cross over the triangle? If so, for how long will they be over the waters of the triangle? The plane flies at 200km/hr.

    -Just know u need interception, distance to island and distance to interception, don't know how to solve though :confused:
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    Do you KNOW where the vertices of the triangle are? If you don't then there is no way to answer the question. If you do, then the best way to decide IF (2,3) is equidistant from the vertices is to actually calculate the distance from (2,3) to each of the vertices. Are the distances the same?

    Okay, Polly is at (8,5). Where is "Skwaera"? If you know the coordinates of that point, then you can find the equation of the line. To find where that line crosses each side of the triangle, find the equation of the line between the two vertices and solve the "simultaneous" equations.
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