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Citing Fusion Efficiency

  1. Oct 10, 2011 #1
    The efficiency to which I am referring is the amount of mass converted to energy. I need to find an academic source to cite that fusion is more efficient in this respect than fission.

    Any sources?
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    Does Hyperphysics qualify?


    Or do you need a texbook source for the information on Binding Energy?
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    Well, it is a .edu site... I really think it should, I mean, this paper isn't even for a science course, it's technical writing for engineers. The only way I could bear through the paper was to write about a topic that I really enjoy!

    Though I am interested in finding a textbook source for this.
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    You may be able to just use an encyclopedia to find the usual discussion of Binding Energy. Certainly any Physics Encyclopedia will have that topic. You can also look for books in your school library on Plasma Physics.
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