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    If one is at a loss about what to do for a summer or after school - consider CNFA's Internship Program: http://www.cnfa.org/intern

    The following internship opportunities are available at CNFA Headquarters in Washington, DC, on a continuous basis throughout the spring, summer, and fall:

    • Global Programs Support Internship
    • Farmer-to-Farmer Program Internship
    • New Business Development Internship
    • Operations and Compliance Internship
    While in college, one could think about taking a foreign language, international affairs & business. There will be increasing demand for programs in sustainable development including development of clean/potable water and sanitation, agriculture, energy and transportation. One interesting idea will be an integrated plant that uses solar energy to convert biomass (including solids waste from sewage plants) into fuel.

    A relatively new program at CNFA - http://www.cnfa.org/farmertofarmer - which is partnership with the Farm Bureau.

    Volunteer to Help Farmers in Developing Countries

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