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Citrix Metaframe App Server

  1. Dec 2, 2005 #1
    Any Citrix/Terminal Services gurus around?
    In an effort to cut costs and boost ROI, I'm thinking about introducing a Citrix box (or just using Windows TS) to load a few applications on for our LOCAL users to access - as in they will have a connection to the box at GigE speeds.
    The applications I would like to load are mostly Adobe, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat. We have roughly 30 users that would need access - not all at the same time, generally. I would estimate that a max of 15 would be logged in at any one time.
    So I'm basically wondering if anyone has implemented a similar solution before, who can offer some observations on their own operating environment and how effective it was.
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    You arent going to get ROI on 30 users with Citrix... Photoshop etc are heavy on resources, I wouldnt suggest using them with any terminal server.

    Are Adobe licenses per seat anyway?
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    I'm not sure, to tell you the truth. I do know they have no server-based licensing scheme, which sucks. That would solve all my problems...
    So I'm stuck buying $900 creative suite licenses for 40 users - which was already planned for, but it would've been nice to pare that budget down some.
    Thanks for the info...
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    Yep Adobe's pricing is scandelous.. But so is Citrix's.. Many people get very annoyed with M$'s OS prices, but they are cheaper than adobe per line of code any day...

    If you really need to cut costs, why not do something silly with XP remote desktop, and setup a few boxs with Creative suit, and train users to remote into them and do there work. If you are using M$ 2003 AD then you can create some VB/shell scripts to get their drives mapped on logon, so they can get to them from there local PC also..

    No where near optimal and totally ugly but would work, and would be cheaper than Citirix licenses and 50 odd Adobe CS Licenses...

    All youd need is 2003 server license
    XP licenses
    A few spare workstations
    The same amount of CS license

    Off course the people who use CS may say there productivity will fall and thus you wouldnt really be saving money...

    Good luck anyway
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