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Civil Eng. Diploma to Degree

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    I am a 2nd year/3 in Civil Engineering Technology (3 yr. advanced diploma) at Fanshawe College and I am looking to continue into the Civil Engineering Bachelor of Eng. at Lakehead University, jumping right in the 3rd of 4 years. I would just like some advice from somebody who has done something like this. My grades are pretty good (average 3.7+ on a 4pt scale). I guess what I am wondering is if I am in good shape for University. I have heard a lot about the intensity of University degrees in Engineering. I would just hate to go into it ill-prepared and end up not finishing because I can't hack it. Any advice is appreciated!

    I haven't ever taken calculus before, but have it next semester. I've heard its hard, but only gets easier with practice. I'm not worried about that really. I have a pretty good grasp on everything i've learned so far. I just have no idea how the transition from college to university will be, if the college transfers will be less prepared than the returning university students. Thanks in advance!
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