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Civil Engineer + Architects = ?

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    Hello I am a sophmore Civil student and I was thinking about talking to some small architectural firms in my area about possible internships or workstudy options. How do you think they will react? I chose Civil Engineering because I felt like it would allow me a wide range of possibilities(like all engineering). I don't necesarily want to become an architect but I certainly would enjoy learning about how they work. Any suggestions?
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    I don't know what a sophmore is, but architects and civil engineers do rather distinct and different jobs. While an architect would have a knowledge of design and some structural engineering knowledge, they would usually enlist the services of a civil engineer as a consultant when making major decisions. As a result, the two professions often find themselves working in close collaboration, but it's important to realise that there are marked differences between the two, and that architects don't usually start off as civil engineers.

    In any case, any experience will be good experience, and if you can get an architect who is willing to take you on board, you could find yourself in a mutually beneficial position, particularly if you have something to offer them too. Write some letters, make some calls, see what happens, but don't forget to consider asking some actual practicing civils too, since this is more likely to be your working environment after graduation.
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