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Homework Help: Civil engineering question

  1. Dec 21, 2016 #1
    A steel bar, area 625mm2, is embedded in a block of concrete 100mm x 100mm. The length of both the steel bar and concrete block is 300mm. Assuming a value of 210kN/mm2 for Young's Modulus for the steel and 14kN/mm2 for the concrete, determine the load carried by the steel,and the load carried by the concrete, if the combined section is subject to a compressive load of 5kN. Assume that there is no slip between the steel and concrete(i.e. the strain in both materials is equal) and that the load is applied over the entire cross-section.

    I don't have a clue where to start as there are no examples in any of my books?
    Do i use my standard force calculations, moments at a point or where do I start.
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