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Civil Engineering

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    Hi, I was wondering something, since my uncle is a civil engineer. Well last week I was talking to him about his job, and he told me he's a civil engineer, and he mentioned water something, and told me he works with the drainage systems in cities and such, and helps increase the effect of drainage systems to reduce flooding.

    So I was wondering, do civil engineers do less work or studying in school, course wise, than say..an engineer who deals with something like mechanics or something extremely complex, like maybe bridge building(?), or do all engineers basically take the same amount of work, or study perhaps.
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    Oh dear - they're going to hunt you down.......
    All engineering is complex and you study pretty much the same amount of stuff at school. Civil engineering if anything is going to mean more exams, since in most countries you can't do much as a civil engineer without somehting like professional engineer / chartered engineer status - a bit like passing the bar after your law degree.
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    I'm a Civil Engineer and I sat through the same courses as the other engineers. The main difference in the course work is the 4th college year and after. Each discipline begins to "separate" into course work that is more specialized in their respective field.

    I've designed large scale buildings and I've done regional utility work along with Interstate and State Highways. Based on my past work experience, I believe civil engineers "come closer" to larger scale public safety issues than the other disciplines. This is why most civil engineering projects require a Professional Engineer signature and dated stamp.
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    I'm a Civil Engineering student currently in college, and I'd have to say the workload is not much different from that of students reading mechanical engineering, electrical engineering etc. Unfortunately.. :P
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    It's funny that you ask that question, about whether Civil engineering is easier than other fields.

    I have a few friends who are in Civil (or "simple" engineering, as we call it) who often complain about the workload. A lot of their courses (from what I hear) are pretty much the same thing, though. Wish I could be of more help, but I'm in mech.
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    Don't worry about other careers assumptions. Students just assume anything about other careers that's a fact. For example, Architecture students believe interior design is a "piece of cake" compared to their career, physics students believe any engineering is too easy compared to their career, engineering students believe industrial engineering is a glorified business major or that x engineering isn't as tough as y engineering, and others assumptions. These stereotypes will always be found, but don't pay much attention to them.
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    Great answer !

    Is it okay, if I ask you few question related to transportation ?
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    have just a month then start my civil engineering course. how is this course as in can it be more innovative or what has been done is enough. someone advice shall there be employments in future? maybe i should change my career. i do like as my best choice.
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