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Civil engineering

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    What civil engineering departments in the U.S. would you recomend? Also what would be a good major/minor to combine with civil engineering (Construction Engineering)?
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    I think my school, Cooper Union in New York is a good choice. It has one of the best undergraduate civil engineering programs in the country, and its free. There is no tuition, but there is a "student fee" of $700 a semester, which isn't anything compared to what you pay at a normal school. It is a lot of work, but I like it here. There are a lot of good people.
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    Hello, I'm a foreign civil engineering student, i recommend a Mathematics minor if you're going for structural analysis area :smile:.
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    at my universiy a lot of the civil engineers do architecture as a second major...you could probably do a minor if you like...it might give you some insight on aesthetics in addition to your technical knowledge. Making bridges and sky scrapers look nice is almost as important as making them stand. :tongue:
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