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25g of ice frozen at -15 degrees C is combined with an unknown volume of steam at 200 degress C in an adiabatic container one wall of which is an adiabatic frictionless and weightless piston. Initial pressure in the container equals constant external pressure of 1 bar.
CALCULATE the volume of steam necessary for the system to come to a thermal equilibrium at 20 degrees C. Assume that the steam behaves as an ideal gas and molar heat capacities do not change with temp.

2. Relevant equations
steam(gas) Cp,m,gas=33.58 J/mol/K; water(liquid) Cp,m,liquid=75.3 J/mol/K; ice(solid) Cp,m,solid=37.98 j/mol/K; [tex]\Delta[/tex]Hm,fusion = 6010 J/mol; Mh20=18 g/mol

3. The attempt at a solution

I'm soooo confused i have absolutely no idea where to start which is my main issue here

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