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Clamping Problem (Wedge & Friction)

  1. Oct 4, 2012 #1

    Yikes... I'm having a huge brain-fart and need help with some really embarrassingly basic physics for a real world engineering application.

    Basically, I'm clamping a drafted part and I'm concerned that the wedging force will pop it out of the fixture. I'm trying to ultimately find F_z, or the force necessary to pull it out of the "vise" or UP as shown in the picture.

    Static Coefficient of Friction on Both Surfaces (mu) = ~0.5
    Draft Angle (θ) = 0-15 deg (variable)
    Clamping Force (F_x) = ??? lbs.
    Weight of Part (mg) = 1-10 lbs.

    I think that's all the variables I need to define F_z, but I'm pretty sure my equation is way off and Newton would kill me:

    F_z = [mg+2*mu*F_x*(cos(θ))^2]-[2*F_x*sin(θ)*cos(θ)]

    Close? Wrong?
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