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Clap switch.(Working of components)

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    Clap switch using 555 timer in monostable mode(Working of components)

    Hello experts!

    Here is my circuits in the attachments.(Monostable mode of 555)

    All values of components shown here have been chosen by myself and all are arbitrary.

    I want to ask some question about this circuits. i.e.
    1)Does Q1 is to increase voltage gain, if so then what is the purpose of Q2?
    2)And how to predict that of what value of component should be chosen? What is the criterion for choosing values of components, kindly describe in general way.
    3)When we clap then, which amplitude and frequency of signal is generated? How could be this realize?
    4)And finally how does the circuit operate?

    The pulse width is defined for monostable is,

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Thanks experts

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