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Clapping Hands.

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    Hi, the other day while clapping :cool: I started thinking what was actually making the noise! This could well be one of those things everyone should know but I have no idea.

    Clapping your hands when they are flat makes a slapping noise, but when giving them a slight concave shape, you achieve a louder and deeper sound. Note that, the hands are moving at the same speed, so difference in noise is due to the shape. Is it just hand on hand, or is there something else going on?

    Thanks! :bugeye:

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    well, to me i guesss is the compression of air, maybe the moeclues. the forces applied and all make the sound when you clap your hands. Xp
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    In some cases there must be a minimal compression of air, I mean when your hands are nearly flat there cannot be much, but maybe this is what causes the variance in sound.
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    the intensity of the compression of the air only changes the volume of the sound, while the frequency of the vibration changes the sound. It means that when you clap your curved hands, somehow the frequency of the vibration created is lower than with flat hands.
    I guess it has something to do with resonance but don't ask me why lol
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    Cheers Celunas.
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