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Clarification about major

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    I'm interested in the genetic engineering of animals, but I don't know what field of science that falls under specifically. I've found that it is both Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. Is BME is a sub-component of Biotech?
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    I wouldn't say so, though you could easily argue the opposite. Loosely, to me, biotechnology involves the interaction of biological processes with technology - things like tissue engineering (though, this is also biomedical engineering!). To give an example of the opposite, I feel that things like the design and development of prosthetics & orthotics would count as biomedical engineering but not biotechnology.

    I'm not sure I'd say genetic engineering is either, I'd probably just call it genetics as a sub of molecular biology. This all said, I don't really think the labels are all that important, though one tends to develop preferences for ones own description. I know people in medical physics/clinical science (whom are labelled clinical scientists or medical physicists) who, nonetheless, market themselves as clinical engineers.
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    Ok, thank you. I was wanting to know because colleges sometimes classify their courses as Biomedical Engineering or Biotechnology.
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