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Clarification of EMC

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    Hi all,

    Whenever I have read any data sheet or document I have always found a section regarding the EMC, how the design should be modified for EMC and etc. I want to understand does the EMC effects each and every hardware board? how does it effect? Could some body please explain about this EMC?

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    Taking EMC into account is like taking into account temperature effects. It is a factor that is not necessarily part of the theory or function of the design, but it still has an effect on your circuit. The effects usually can result in your circuit not operating as you want it to. A lot of times EMI is noise that degrades the quality of your signals, but other times it can lead to complete failure of a circuit.

    EMC does not affect every hardware board - it is application and design specific. It is probably better to talk in terms of EMI than EMC since it is interference that is the problem. If your circuit is sensitive to electromagnetic radiation or disturbances at a certain frequency, then you should follow the design guides in the datasheet/app note to make sure it is immune to these and thus compatible. A design can be susceptible to both outside EMI and it can also be susceptible to itself, where something you made on the board is designed improperly and negatively affects another thing on the same board. Often the datasheet includes information about it because it is susceptible, and so you should always follow the best practices suggested in the datasheets.
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