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Clarification of relativity that makes the quantum world possible

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    I worked on this problem a few years ago and
    remembered an important detail of how I applied
    relalivity to explain the quantum world.
    You take a powerful stationary laser light source
    that diverges slightly and fire it at a stationary
    observer 30,000,000 kilometers away. Then you have
    a moving an observer travelling 80% of c that is
    somewhere between the laser light source and the
    stationary observer,when the laser is fired,travelling in a straight line
    towards the stationary observer.The moving
    observer is positioned so he arives next
    the stationary observer when the laser light
    source strikes the moving observer from
    the moving observer's eyes.From the stationary
    observer's eyes at the same instance the light
    has yet to strike him.The key here is that the
    moving observer will see the light strike the
    the stationary observer at this instance even
    though in the stationary observers eyes it has
    yet to strike him.Now say the stationary observer
    moves out of the path of light after the
    moving observer passes him by, the light will
    miss the stationary observer in his eyes, yet in
    eyes of the moving obsever the light struck
    the stationary observer.Which led me to draw this
    conclusion if the stationary obsever remained
    stationary then the moving obsever would have
    seen his future,if the stationary observer moved
    out of the path of light,then the moving observer
    would have seen a future possibility that did not happen.
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    Your conclusion is fallacious, for a start you've ignored the failure of simultaneity at distance, an instant is meanigless it's only useful to talk about events that happen at certain locations in space-time.
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