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Clarification on thread locking?

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    A thread that I initiated 2 years ago "Why would anyone support Obama" was recently closed. First reason was that the subject was beaten to death with no resolution after sending a request for explanation the post had changed to being seriously offtopic. I originated the thread 2 years ago, reactivated it a few days ago and have been participating in several related aspects of what seem fully in line with my topical understanding of the subject and thread I initiated and continue to be involved with.

    Explanations would be appreciated. The discussion has been largely civil, at least with regards to most of what passes for political discourse in this modern era.
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    The thread is off topic and was closed. I changed the reason while I was deciding on the reason to post as I decided the off topic decision was sufficient, but both are applicable.

    I am still making decisions on infractions to be given.
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