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Class Project: Moustrap Launcher

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    In my physics class, we recently got assigned a project that deals with moustraps. More specifically, we have to use two (2) mousetraps to shoot a starburst the farthest distance possible. You can only use the mousetraps tho, what do u think would be the best way to harness the most energy of a moustrap and make it go the farthest distance?

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    You mean a Starburst "fruit chew?" And by "you can only use the moustraps," what exactly does that mean? As the only source of power - you can still attach a cup or something to hold the starburst, right?

    The key to getting the most energy out is harnessing the centrifugal force - a trebuche does this by coupling a second lever arm to a catapault. Another way would be a curved cup holding the starburst in place, flinging it like a lacrosse ball or hilai (I have no idea how to spell that) ball.
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