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Class selection questions

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    1. Discrete mathematical structures
    2. elementary linear algebra

    I was interested in taking these two classes but I'm not sure what they are about...?
    can some one give me a brief explanation ?
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    linear algebra is about matrices, solving systems of equations, multidimensional vectors and their spaces (including sub), as well as eigenvalues and vectors.

    discrete math deals more with logic, i haven't taken the class, so i can't give you a better understanding other than to direct you here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrete_mathematics

    i think discrete is required by most computer science depts, because of it's dealings with logic.
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    Discrete math focuses on things that don't involve limits, or stuff that is continuous.

    This means anything to do with calculus is ruled out.

    The stuff includes graphs, trees, discrete probability, areas of logic and other stuff.
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