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Classes and Degree

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    I am just trying to seek opinions from professional simply because my maths advisor said he doesnt know much about that field.
    I am trying to get into financial maths/financial engineering/computational financial program after my B.S in maths next year.
    According to my assumed timetable, I will have class conflict in the coming spring. The classes are PDE and a data analysis class.
    Here is the problem. PDE will lead to my Applied Maths degree which that stat class will lead to Stat degree. Which more likely would fit the need of my further education and my finance carrer?

    Any thought would be appreciated:!!) :!!)
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    If you wanted to go into the banking side, I would advise the stats.

    However, it seems you want to go for the modelling side more, eg. of market, in this case, I'd go for the pdes - not that I've seen an economic model described by a pde (they're usually extremely simple ode models) but it will give you greater knowledge of dynamical systems in general which will only help with future modelling (and impressing employers - most probably turn up with knowledge of stats, the dynamical systems stuff will make you stand out).
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