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Classes for next semester

  1. Jun 13, 2005 #1
    So, i'm just picking some classes for next semester.

    What i have so far:

    Math 300 - Fundemental Concepts of Math (proofs and stuff mostly it seems)
    Math 421- Complex variables (basically calc with complex variables..)
    Physics 181- Mechanics
    Theater 100- intro to theater
    Comp Lit 131-Brave New World

    i'm debating whether to add Math 425 or CmpSci 121. Now, i'd rather take the math definetly, cause i love math, and if i could i'd take only math. but, i'm wondering if its wiser to take the cmpsci course. now, actually, i know its probably a little better to take the cmpsci course because people are worried i'll overload on math. so i guess i'm actually trying to see if i can take the math course anyway...

    so math 425- Calculus of several variables, Jacobians, implicit functions, inverse functions; multiple integrals, line and surface integrals, divergence theorem, Stokes' theorem. Prerequisites: MATH 233 and MATH 235 or 236.

    do you think those 3 math classes would be too much? i'm not sure how hard any of them will be, or how much work they'll take. but mostly, the only schoolwork i do is math... so i think... think i can handle it. but ya...

    Oh, also, the physics i'm hoping won't be a problem. cause i already took mechanics in highschool. I just didn't do so awesome on the AP. i think if i was taking physics for the first time, i wouldn't take the extra math... but i think since i've done it before... maybe it'd be ok?

    Oh, i guess i should also mention i'm a freshman. i'll be a second semester freshman technically i guess. double major in math and astrophysics. obviously, i'm a bit more enthused about the math... i may drop the physics if i can graduate with the math degree significantly sooner. we'll see..
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    Take the extra calc course. It's basic stuff that you'll certainly need later on if you want to continue in physics.
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    It's astrocr@p she wants to do,i guess.So maybe CompScience is more suited.

    Unless she chooses mathematics and then Calculus should do the trick.

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    I'd stick with a Math major - and later on take grad course on Numerical Methods for Astro stuff
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