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Classes for transfer program?

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    I am going to a transfer school for 2 years and then transferring to a better college to ultimately get my doctorate and do research in particle physics, what classes should i take during the 2 years in the basic school? Am I supposed to just take basic courses such as english and math or do I take physics courses also at the transfer school? I guess what im really asking is what type of courses are generally taken during one's first 2 years in college?
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    The first thing you should do is decide where you want to transfer to in 2 years. Not all universities will accept the credits from your 2 year school. Once you decide where you want to transfer, this could be multiple places just in case, contact the admissions office there and speak with someone that can tell you what transfer credits they will accept from your current college. Your target classes should be your basic physics, math, and english courses but if all of them don't transfer into the university you want to transfer to then it won't matter and you would have to retake them anyway.
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    I know where i am transferring and that it is compatible.
    You answered my question
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    Look at the web sites of some of the colleges/universities that you're thinking of transferring to, and you'll probably find some sample course schedules for physics majors. Generally, in the first year of a physics major you take a two-semester intro physics course and two semesters of calculus. In the second year, you might take an intro modern physics course and an intermediate/advanced mechanics course (it varies), a third semester of calculus, and differential equations; maybe more. Then you add "general education" courses, whatever your college requires: English, foreign language, etc.

    At a two-year school you'll probably be able to do the intro physics course and the calculus, (maybe also differential equations) and some general education courses. You may not be able to do any physics beyond the first-year level. It probably varies from place to place.
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