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Classes to take before Calc 1

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    Hey guys, I'm about to go to college this fall. For my degree, the first math class is Calc 1. I know I'm not ready for it so what classes should I take in the summer? I didn't take a math class my senior year in high school (I didn't take Pre-Calc). So I know I need to catch up. I have 3 sessions in the summer I can take, so what math classes should I take? I don't have PreCal as an option.

    My choices are College Agebra, Trig, and Elementary functions. Should I take all 3? Or are some pointless? Any advice would help, thanks!
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    Take them all.
    If you have to skip one of them, skip Elementary functions, unless your algebra skills are very good.
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    I don't know if I would agree with skipping Elemtary Functions. Merely for the fact that I have done what you are talking about doing and I skipped that class. Now I know very very simple trig and very very complex trig but not the stuff in between. However it depends on what that class does cover because the EF class I skipped covered all the stuff I missed.

    What was the last math class you took? The best thing to do is to pick up where you last left off in math. You may need to retake the last class you took. Where did you leave off?

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    I would agree that elementary functions is probably the least necessary. College algebra and trig are truly a blessing (especially in cal 2). Elementary functions is important, but not so difficult as to prevent you from learning it on the fly. It all depends on your comfort though, because every class at this level will pretty much leak into another. So as long as youre doing something math related, youre bound to pick up whats necessary if youre alert. Good luck!
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    That I think is better advice than just skip it if you have to. I can agree with that. Although I think I may go back and take it before I jump straight into calc to make sure I have a very strong base. I already have one since I'm in calculus now as a senior in high school, but I just want to make sure. I'll probably take it with some other freshman credits.

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    For me, Precalc pretty much covered everything that I needed for Calculus 1. Although if your algebra isn't already strong, Precalc may kind of skip over the "foundations".

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    Pre-calc should do that, but my class was dumb. Cover everything I mean.

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