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Classic papers online?

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    There may already be a thread but I couldn't see it - if so, please direct me there.

    I thought it would be nice to find and post links to classic, first papers by, eg. Einstein, which are available online...

    < goes off to do some hunting >
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    First hit on google:


    but can you only buy them from there... :frown:

    more hopeful: http://dbserv.ihep.su/hist/owa/hw.p...n&athr2=&athr3=&lang=en&date1=&date2=&nres=10 :smile:

    As this thread hope to take off, I'll add that the second link points to translations of:
    Fred's excellent link is to Newton's Principia, and Zz's points to a different translation from those above.

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    http://www.claymath.org/millennium/Riemann_Hypothesis/1859_manuscript/ [Broken]

    OK, it's in German and the handwriting's impossible... but there are German and English transcripts too.
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